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Allegro Microsystems

Allegro MicroSystems, Inc. provides innovative system-level solutions in the design and manufacture of advanced mixed-signal Hall-effect sensor and analog power ICs serving high-growth applications worldwide within the Automotive Electronics, Office Automation, Industrial and Portable Electronics markets.


Designs, develops, manufactures, and markets high-performance, high-bandwidth silicon solutions that empower intelligent wide-area networks


Developed around a highly reliable, advanced nonvolatile memory technology core, Catalyst products are widely recognized by customers who require enhanced performance, a higher level of integration and reduced cost.


Inductor: Chokes, Power Magnetics, Chip Inductor for RF, EMI/RFI Filters


Chips, Software, Hardware that enable industrial, commercial and customer devices to connect to the Internet

Conexant Systems

is a worldwide leader in communications semiconductors.  well positioned to offer leading edge solutions for mobile communications, broadband access and the Internet infrastructure applications.


Liquid Crystal Display Panels and Modules


Equator Technologies is the leading provider of comprehensive broadband digital communications and media processing technology for the video surveillance, high-end video production and consumer technology markets. Equator's family of MAP Broadband Signal Processor (BSP) digital signal processors couples a unique, full-function system-on-a-chip solution with optimized software tools. The MAP digital signal processors are the most powerful fully programmable video digital signal processors on the market today.

GSI Technology

asynchronous, synchronous,DSP-specific and application-specific SRAMS, all featuring low operating current, industrial temperature and high performance


IDT enhances the global network with semiconductor solutions for communications companies that lead innovation and drive convergence in voice, data and wireless networks. Communications-industry leaders choose IDT for its high-performance products that accelerate time to market and boost bandwidth in the network infrastructure. IDT's products include integrated communications processors, IP co-processors, telecom products, FIFOs, multi-ports, clock management products, digital logic and SRAMs.

Integrated Circuit Systems

Silicon Timing Devices for the communications equipment, consumer, and business (PC) electronics industries. 


the world's largest chip maker


Elantec Semiconductor focused in providing high performance, analog integrated circuits primarily for Video, Optical storage, communication and power management.


Hi/fn designs, develops and markets high-performance, multi-protocol packet processors semiconductor devices and software that enables secure, high bandwidth network connectivity and efficient storage


Micron's mission is to be the most efficient and innovative global provider of semiconductor memory solutions. Products: SRAM: SSRAM, ZBT, DDR, QDR DRAM: SDRAM, DDR, EDO/FPM FLASH: BOOT BLOCK, COMBO, SYNC FLASH, EVEN SECTORED, LOW POWER


Microcontroller, Development-Tools (Hard- and Software), Microprocessors, DSPs, Memories (SRAM), Optoelectronic, Peripheral ICs (Controller, Converter, System Support Products), Power MOS FETs, CCD Linear Image Sensors, TFT-colour LCDs, Plasma Displays


high speed internetworking component solutions emphasing in Sonet/SDH, ATM semiconductor components, and T1/E1 & Ethernet applications


ESP (Embedded Standard / Interface Products), pASIC (programmable ASICs / general purpose FPGA), Development Tools, Design Centre, Support and Training, Programming Centre


Sanyo Capacitors offer three levels of product technology in :POSCAP (solid electrolytic capacitors with polymerised organic semiconductor) this product has a lower esr than Tantulum and is an excellent replacement in high frequency applications. OS-CON (aluminium solid electrolytic capacitors with organic semiconductive electrolyte) again exhibit low esr and excellent ripple capability. Long life product greater than 20 years. ELECTROLYTIC ( a full range of smt and standard products) www.sanyovideo.com


TVS Diodes Networks, Switching Regulators, EZ Dropper, Low Drop Regulator, High Voltage Diodes, Power Supply for Pentium Processors, ECL-Logic, Battery Power Management

Silicon Laboratories

Mixed Signals Semiconductor like DAA Modem Chip Set, Modem Chip Set 2400 bpi, RF Synthesizer Chips with VCO, PLL for Single and Dual Band, Codec for Voice Applications, SLIC included Codec


Standard Microsystems Corporation is the worlds leading supplier of semiconductors for the embedded computer and peripheral system marketplaces.  Able to provide turnkey solutions for Personal or Single Board Computer Input / Output, USB connectivity, and Embedded / Local Area Networking applications.


Silicon Storage Technology designs and manufactures a diversified range of non-volatile memory solutions. Product families include high functionality flash memory; flash mass storage and 8 bit micro controllers with on chip flash memory

Tundra Semiconductor Corp.

Tundra Semiconductor Corp. is leading the market in the development and deployment of new system interconnect products. This system applies to the interfacing of functional elements (CPU, memory, I/O complexes etc) within a single or multiple board system.


TranSwitch Corporation is a leading developer and global supplier of innovative high-speed VLSI semiconductor solutions to communications network equipment manufacturers who serve three fast-growing end-markets; Public Network Infrastructure, Internet Infrastructure and Wide Area Networks (WANs).


Triscend is the worlds fist company to produce Configurable System on Chips (CsoC) parts. Their products are based around processor cores (ARM7 or high speed 8051 compatible) with significant amounts of programmable logic incorporated onto the chip. Triscends products are commonly used in systems that require many variations to be developed from a single base platform. One very common use of the E5 chip from Triscend is as a fully integrated LCD controller that can easily be customised for different panels.


CPLD and FPGAa, Virtex and Spartan


Xicor is leveraging its unique strengths in nonvolatile technology and mixed signal design to be the leading provider of reprogrammable mixed signal products for the communications, consumer and industrial markets.


Zarlink Semiconductor provides a wide variety of telephony circuits including digital switches, primary rate and basic rate interfaces, codecs, ATM SARs, IMAs. Other products areas include Front-End Set-Top box solutions, BlueTooth chipsets and a range of high performance Opto products.

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