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The Model SA-510 Spectrum Analyzer are feature rich and most affordable in its class.  They are suitable for design engineers troubleshooting electro magnetic Interference from electronic products. These analyzers are lightweight and portable. When troubleshooting EMI problems, the design engineer can use these analyzer in combination with antennas or near field probes or LISNs operating in its frequency range to locate the source of the EMI radiation in the product. Performing in-house preliminary EMI testing reduces time and cost of getting the electronic products EMC compliant at a commercial EMC test laboratory. 

Model SA-510 is a analog spectrum analyzer. It has a 4 1/2 digit numeric LED readout that can display selectively the Center Frequency or the marker frequency. Frequency measurement is accomplished by adjusting a needle like marker to the point of interest on the display and reading the 4 1/2 digit Marker Frequency value. The analyzer can measure low amplitude signals down to -100 dBm (7 dBuV). It has a measurement range of over 110 dB.


  • Frequency range: 0.15MHz to 1050 MHz (-3dB)

  • Center frequency display accuracy: 100 kHz

  • Marker accuracy: (O. 1 % span + 100 kHz)

  • Frequency display resolution: 100kHz (41/2 digit LED)

  • Frequency scanwidth: lOOkHz/div. to lOOMHz/div. in 1-2-5 steps. Also OHz/div.

  • Frequency scanwidth accuracy:+10%

  • Frequency stability: Drift: < 150kHz /hour

  • IF Bandwidth (-3dB):
    -Resolution: 400kHz and 20kHz
    -Video-Filter on: 4kHz

  • Sweep rate: 43Hz


  • Amplitude range: -107 dBm to + 13 dBm ( 0 dBuV to 120 dBuV)

  • Screen display range: 80 dB (10 dB / div.)

  • Reference level: - 27dBm to +1 3dBm (in 1O dB steps)

  • Reference level accuracy :+2dB

  • Average noise level: -99dBm (20kHz BW)

  • Second and third harmonic: <-75dBc

  • Third order intermod.: -70dBc (two signals >3MHz apart)

  • Log scale fidelity:2dB (without attn.) 250 MHz

  • IF gain: lOdB adjustment range


  • Input Impedance: 50 Ohm

  • Input connector: BNC

  • Input attenuator: 0 to 40 dB (4 x 10 dB steps)

  • Input attenuator accuracy: 1 dB

  • Maximum input level: +10 dBm,25V DC (with 0 dB attenuation)
                                    +20 dBm(with 40dB attenuation)


  • Operating temperature: 10to40C

  • Display: CRT. 6 inch, 8x10 div. internal graticule

  • Trace rotation: Adjustable on front panel

  • Line voltage: 115/230V _ 10%, 50/60 Hz

  • Power consumption: 20W max.

  • Protective sytem: Safety Class I (IEC 1010-1)

  • Weight: approx. 7kg

  • Dimensions: 125mm (4.9")H x 285mm (11.2")W x 380mm (15")D

Operating conditions :

The instrument has been designed for indoor use. The permissible ambient temperature range during operation is +10 (+50 F) to +40 (+ 104F). It may occasionally be subjected to temperatures between +10 (+50 F) and -10 (+14F) without degrading its safety. The permissible ambient temperature range for storage or transportation is -40 (-40F) to +70 (+ 158 F). The maximum altitude is up to 2200m . The maximum relative humidity is up to 80%.

If condensed water exists in the instrument it should be acclimatized before switching on. In some cases (e.g. extremely cold spectrum analyzer) two hours should be allowed before the instrument is put into operation. The instrument should be kept in a clean and dry room and must not be operated in explosive, corrosive, dusty, or moist environments. The spectrum analyzer can be operated in any position, but the convection cooling must not be impaired. The ventilation holes may not be covered. For continuous operation the instrument should be used in the horizontal position, preferably tilted upwards, resting on the tilt handle.

The specifications stating tolerances are only valid if the instrument has warmed up for 30 minutes at an ambient temperature between + 15 (+59 F) and +30C (+86F). Values without tolerances are typical for an average instrument.

  SA-510 / 511
Frequency range: 150 kHz to 1050 MHz 
Resolution bandwidth (RBW) 400 kHz and 20 kHz
Video bandwidth (VBW): 4kHz
Sweep rate (fixed): 43 Hz
Amplitude range:: -100 dBm to +13dBm
Average noise level -99 dBm ( 20 kHz BW)
PC Interface None