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QuickTech USB

QuickTech USB is designed to quickly and accurately troubleshoot the proper operation of the USB port. This test device is compliant with USB specification 1.1 and is self-contained tester to individually test all existing USB ports.

QuickTech USB uses hardware and software to perform its diagnostics functions. The software can be loaded with or without an operating system. QuickTech USB can also be used with our PHD PCI diagnostic card and our QuickTech PRO software. When used with our other tools, it incorporates complete USB port testing as part of a complete system Burn-in diagnostics.

QuickTech USB is fully automated. Simply attach the USB module and boot the diagnostic software. Once the software is loaded it performs a USB detection and connection confirmation routine. Upon determining that the USB port is available and QuickTech USB module is ready to communicate, the software initiates a sleuth of tests to determine any errors.

QuickTech USB is a perfect tool to determine the proper operation of the USB ports and the compatibility of the ports with most USB peripherals. This tool is perfect for USB manufacturers, Design engineers, PC builders, MIS professional and any individual that requires the testing of their USB Ports. QuickTech USB tests include: checking operation of USB port at Low speed (1.5 Mb/s) and High speed (12 Mb/s), Setting address commands, Resetting port, Measuring Vcc, and monitoring power fluctuations.

The complete set of diagnostics takes less than a minute. However the diagnostics are designed to run continuously for thorough burn-in testing. The USB module also supports hot swapping to quickly test all USB ports available.

QuickTech USB comes complete with the USB test module, USB cable, and user's guide.