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RAM Stress Test Professional 2 (RST Pro2) is a memory testing hardware/firmware designed for the rigorous testing needs of memory and system manufacturers, design engineers, and service professionals. RST Pro2 is a Self Booting, Operating System Independent memory diagnostic card for exercising and validating RAM in Pentium through the latest series of Intel Pentium 4/XEON, AMD Athlon XP/MP, and Cyrix/VIA compatible processors.

Newly redesigned with even more features than before, RST Pro2 is the ultimate tool for memory testing and validation. RST Pro2 is packed with unique features including memory testing, temperature monitoring, power supply testing and the ability to output data logging using an on-board serial port.

You can select from over 30 proprietary memory test algorithms. Currently, RST Pro2 supports all SIMMs, DIMMs, RIMMs,(SDRAM 66-133, DDR, DDR/2, RDRAM(RAMBus), SRAM, ECC, Parity and Non-Parity) and others. A major advantage of RST Pro2, compared to stand alone testers, is the capability of testing and validating RAM within the system environment. Now with on-board memory, RST Pro2 is able to test memory starting at memory address 2k. The on-board RAM allows the RST Pro2 to test the maximum amount of memory.

RST Pro2 lets users test system RAM without the interference of any Memory Drivers, TSRs, O/S limitations, or Windows protected mode. R.S.T. Pro2 runs all tests in protected mode which can thoroughly test up to 64 gigabyte of memory.

The card will store up to 100 failures and provide a report at the end of the testing cycle along with all critical failure data(i.e. time, tempurature, and Bus voltage). You can also use the on-board serial port to route the unlimited test results to a remote system using HyperTerminal or similar software.

RST Pro2 has the ability to monitor system power supply voltages tested to within 2% fluctuations. This is a very easy way of detecting fatal power supply failures. The power supply voltages can be monitored remotely using the on-board serial port.

RST Pro2 is also equipped with optional temperature sensing probes. These probes can be placed anywhere on the system and are ideal for probing temperature at specific points on the system board. Real time temperature readings are routed through the serial port which are measured in Fahrenheit and Celsius scales simultaneously.

Memory testing, logging ability, power supply monitoring, and temperature sensing make the RST Pro2 the ultimate memory diagnostic and validation product on the market today. So if you are designing memory, designing systems, or building high end servers, make RST Pro2 a part of your testing and validation procedure.

Onboard Serial Port for Remote Monitoring
Route test results or monitor Real-Time voltage and temperature values to a remote system
Onboard Memory for TRUE low-level testing
3.3 Volt Bus Compatibility
Onboard LEDs for critical functions
For Critical Functions: VAUX, Clock, Reset, +5Volt
Onboard Sensor Chip
For Real-Time onboard measurement of voltage and temperature
Supports Latest Memory-
SDRAM PC150 / RDRAM(RAMBus)- PC600/800
and DDR/DDR2-PC1600/2100/PC2700(DDR333)/PC3200
Capable of testing entire CPU memory range
Up to 4096 Gigabytes on future processors. 64G limit for Pentium4.
Tests Base, Extended, and All memory
In any system using Intel-compatible architecture.
PCI card with Onboard Self-Loading program
  Eliminates operating system and hard drive dependencies.
Full manufacturing-level diagnostics
Using the latest memory testing techniques, yet occupies a minimum amount of RAM
Over 30 industry standards and proprietary memory tests
  Can be run on all accessible RAM.
Provides an unattended Burn-In mode
  For lengthy troubleshooting sessions and new RAM installation verification testing.
SPD (Serial Presence Detect) Data of DIMM Modules
  Includes Speed and Configuration
Permits customized testing sessions to be defined
  Any test can be included or excluded from testing as desired
  For Cache, Memory, and CPU
Protected mode
For exceptional testing speed and exclusive memory access.