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6200 series 60W
  • Low output noise and ripple, excellent line and load regulation, and fast transient response.

  • Hundreds of single, dual, triple and quad output configurations.

  • Overvoltage protection (Option)

  • Wide range of voltage/current combinations. Analog, RS-232C, or GPIB programming

Chroma Model 6200 series low power (60W) programmable DC power source, deliver low output noise and ripple (Voltage <1mvrms, Current < 2mArms), excellent line and load regulation, and fast transient response. With wide range of voltage (7V-120V), Current (0.5A-6A) combinations, it is used in every part of your manufacturing process from design to production test.

For higher power requirements, the 6200 series can be easily combined with 6230 series supplies in dual, triple, and quad configurations. With six standard models, three remote programming options, including internal Analog Programming interface (APG)-master/slave tracking, internal RS-232C interface-serial instrument programming using the RS-232C protocol, GPIB interface with 14 bits resolution and software calibration.

The instrument offers quality and reliability for even most demanding applications in production testing, R&D design characterization, and QA verification