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6230K series 3000W
  • Continuous use design

  • Overvoltage protection (OVP)

  • Thermal shutdown

  • Standard analog programming and optional GPIB control

The Chroma 6230K Series programmable DC power supply gives you 3000 Watts of continuous power for the lowest price per Watt. Burn-in power of electronic circuits and products, its' operating ambient temperature is 0¢J ~ 50¢J no derating, from 50 ¢J ~ 70 ¢J, derate output 2% per ¢J. These flexible CV/CC output allows operation as either a voltage source (8V~300V) or current source (10A~350A), all model too provides an adjustable current limit, a CC set button lets you set the current limit without your having to short the output.

An enhanced front panel and the choice of two remote programming options make the 6230K series easy to use, includes GPIB, TTL compatible input for remote star/stop and interlock. Standard voltage/current combinations ranging up to 300 Volts or 350 Ampere give you flexibility in configuring your system. Designed with self diagnostic routine and protected against over-voltage, over-current and over-temperature, the DC power supply is powerful and component Burn-in and Q&A verification.