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6260 series
  • 9 models

  • 3 phase, 208 VAC input

  • Digital encoder knobs, keypad and function keys

  • Power Factor Correction (0.95)

  • Embedded controller for front panel sequencing

  • Zero voltage "soft" switching for low noise, high reliability and high efficiency

  • 16-bit digital control with bright vacuum fluorescent display readout, bar graphs and status indicators

  • LabView and Labwindows

  • Automatic Voltage / current mode exchange

  • Constant power mode

  • 10 store / recall locations and 99 step sequencing

  • Remote sense, 5V line loss compensation

  • Current sharing for parallel operation

  • Optional IEEE-488.2 GPIB control with SCPI and RS-232 standard interface

  • OVP, current limit, thermal protection

  • UL, CSA, CE

Chroma 6260 Series of variable-output, programmable DC power supplies are designed for use in ATE, burn-in, plating, and other high power systems for a broad range of Test & Measurement applications.

The 6260 Series of constant voltage, constant current power supplies are available in power ranges within 6KW. All models have 10-turn voltage and current controls that vary the voltage (10V~600V) and current (10A~600A) outputs from zero to the maximum rated values. The action of constant voltage changes to constant current occurs automatically when the load current exceeds the control settings. It also provides an adjustable current limit that allows to be set without short-circuiting the output.

The 6260 Series programmable DC power source incorporates modern power factor correction circuitry to increase the input power factor more than 0.95 to meet IEC regulation, thus reduces the input current requirement and raises the efficiency over 85% .

The 6260 Series have user programmable 100 sequential front panel input status for automated test application. Furthermore, the real time measurement of voltage and current uses a 16-bit digital control with bright vacuum fluorescent display readout, bar graphs and status indicators.

The 6260 Series can be operated easily either from the front panel keypad or from remote controller via GPIB (option), and RS-232 & APG (standard) with the size of 5.22 inch, it is very compact and able to stack easily in a standard rack.

For quality and safety, the 6260 Series is certified by CSA, UL, CE and builtin with standard over voltage protection (OVP) and thermal shutdown. Chroma 6260 series is a reliable instrument for testing from components to new product development