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A stand-alone, high-speed and multi-function chip programmer


  • Uses replaceable PACKs for different IC packages.

  • By selecting the appropriate PACK, the base unit can be made to support a wide range of devices in packages including DIP, PLCC, QFP, SOP, TSOP, BGA, PGA, etc.

  • Custom PACKs for various packages and pin counts are available so that no additional socket converters are necessary.

  • The base unit features an LCD display and function keys, allowing PC independent operation.

  • Uses an accelerated CPU and enhanced "Pin-Driver" programming circuit to enable high-speed programming 

  • Can program 5V/3.3V devices.

  • Has the ability to "Auto-Sense" The unit automatically detects the presence of an IC in its socket, and begins programming.

  • Has a "current limiter" circuit which protects the unit from electrical damage.

  • Verifies the orientation and ID code of a device in order to protect ICs from electrical damage.

  • Up to 8 different IC programming configurations can be stored in the base unit, allowing PC independent programming.

  • Can be Used on Auto-Handler (HANDLER-211) for mass production.


  • Uses Parallel Port (EPP/ECP) to connect to a PC. Can also operate independent of a PC (Stand-Alone).

  • Runs under Windows 95/98 and Windows NT/2000.

  • The base unit has 2Mbits of built-in memory.

  • There is a CF Card expansion slot in PRO-201. The optional CF Card can be used to expand the unit memory to a maximum of 2Gbytes. (This accessory is only required for stand-alone jobs using over 2Mbits of memory.)

  • LCD --- displays programming status on a 16x2 character display.

  • Uses a 12V-DC Power Adapter.

  • Power requirements --- 12VDC and 1.6A

  • Dimensions and weight --- 15cm (Length) * 12cm (Width) * 5cm (Height); 550g

Ordering Information

  • PRO-201 : Includes the PRO-201 base, Power Adapter (12V-DC/1.6A), Parallel Port D-25 Cable (100cm), Windows Drivers, and User Manual.

  • PACKs : PACKs are sold separately. Please refer to the PACK List.