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The Ultra Fast Open/Short tester
is designed as an ultra fast open/short tester, for flexible circuit, PCBs manufacture or IC manufacture that need testing, during production.
It can be interfaced to any type of fixtures as required.
Its fast test time of 1 micro-second per pin combination, is useful, for it helps, to increase test yield and productivity.
It uses the Learn from a Known Good Board and test against target board technique. This reduces the time required to generate, otherwise, tedious test program.
Fast turnaround time to test new products.
Typical test time for a 300 pin devices ( 44,850 tests) is estimated to be about 0.04 second excluding software overhead for display.

Picture shows the Panther, the open/short tester, connected
to a Host Computer and test
fixture for testing of BGA substrate.
Picture shows fixture for
testing BGA substrate.
Panther, the Ultra Fast Open/short Tester,
has a total of 356 pins per cavity.
No. of Test channels 1536 (maximum). Basic 192 channels expandable in steps of 192 channels.
Test Speed 1536 channels tested in 1.2 secs. (1 sec. / pin combination). i.e. 1.17 million pin combinations
Drive 200mV
Variable Short Threshold.
Software support Visual WorkStation for Panther
Visual TestStation for Panther
Other features Board Learn / Compare at variable test speed.
Clear PASS / FAIL indication for ease of use.
System Requirement IBM PC compatible 200MHz. - 200MB Hard Disc Drive free space (both for Software installation and running software) - 16 MB RAM.

2. PCB, Flex Circuit Manufacturer