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X-Y Prober Bus Cycle Signature System

Qmax Technologies, a world leader in PCB Repair and Board Recovery, introduces the new QT500 Prober system for the Board Recovery of PC motherboard.

It uses Qmaxs UK & USA patented test technologies called the Bus Cycle Signature System (BCSS) which allows live and real time functional testing of PC motherboard.

The Real Time Functional testing allows the user to detect and locate exactly which IC(s) are causing the problems or faults on the board under test.

Timing problems can be easily located due to its real time testing capability.

Custom or ASICS functional failures are also easily detected and located due to the real time functional signature comparison technique.

There is no need to write tedious and complicated test programs which may take months.

Turn around time for a new board test within days.

No need for expensive test fixtures.

Very effective for high volume CPU based board recovery.